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Effective Language Trainings


We offer you an original system of learning vocabulary called FISH-KI (language flashcards) matched to your individual skill level as well as to the course program. The system is focused on improving and increasing the efficiency of communication.
We will be pleased to present you the idea and its effects of it during a meeting. Please contact us in order to arrange a convenient time to meet.



If a situation forces you to learn English in a short time and where fast results are the most important, Fish Can Talk FAST - "Fast English learning" is the best choice. "Total immersion" in the language will allow you to learn English in Warsaw in no time.
We can also arrange a trip abroad where you will be surrounded by the native language every day and therefore you will begin communicating in English from the first day of departure.
We offer you a meeting during which we will talk in detail about your expectations and together we will be able to choose the most effective solutions to ensure success.
Just contact us today to start speaking English tomorrow.


Fish Can Talk GENERAL is an effective course for communicating in English or any other foreign language of your choice. The course covers vocabulary and expressions necessary for seamless communication in everyday situations and for developing all language skills of our students. The course is divided into modules, which are simply designed to give a clear picture of the language objectives.
An integral part of the course are FISH-KI (language flashcards) which allow students the chance to learn vocabulary in a simpler and more efficient way compared to traditional language courses.
Our top priority is the effectiveness of the course and we are always open to the comments and suggestions of our customers in order to achieve a mutual goal.
For more information or to sign up for the General English course in Warsaw, please contact us.


There are many types of English exams you can choose from, for example :

  • BEC Higher - Business Higher,
  • BEC Preliminary - Business Preliminary,
  • Business Vantage - BEC Vantage,
  • CAE - Certificate in Advanced English,
  • Cambridge English Language Assessment,
  • FCE - First Certificate in English,
  • IELTS - International English Language Testing System,
  • ITEP - International Test of English Proficiency,
  • PET - Preliminary English Test,
  • TELC - The European Language Certificates,
  • TIEC - Test of International English Competency,
  • TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language,
  • TOEIC - Test of English for International Communication,
  • UBELT - University of Bath English Language Test,
  • ETC… ETC…

We will gladly help you find yourself in this wide range of available language exams and assist you in selecting the one that best suits your needs.
We can also guide you in preparing for all kinds of language exams, both in terms of content as well as the purely technical aspects. In addition, we will give you access to knowledge of how to approach these tasks in the most effective way in order to achieve success, pass the exam and receive a certificate confirming your knowledge of the English language.
Feel free to contact us for more detailed information.


The Fish Can Talk EXECUTIVE course was created for the most important people in your organization.
We perfectly know and understand the specifics of working at the executive level of management and we are aware of the enormity of activities and responsibilities related to this position.
That is why we offer a package of solutions that will satisfy even the most demanding tastes and make learning foreign languages not only effective, but also enjoyable, stimulating and comfortable. "English for Executives" is the ideal solution for busy CEOs, directors and managers.
If you are searching for an English course for your boss, CEO, president, top management or other representatives, then you can stop now because our Fish Can Talk EXECUTIVE - English for Executives is the answer you are looking for.
For more information about the course or to schedule a meeting, please contact us.